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I have been a patient of Wassiem Abdelmalek going on two years. He is dedicated to providing the highest quality rehabilitation while maintaining continuity between the patient and the physician with ongoing assessment and re-evaluation. I am always delighted to visit his new “state of the art” appealing office including the lovely mountain view! Wassiem has a professional yet cheerful personality, and his staff is always friendly & accommodating especially when I need a last minute appointment.

~ C. W.

I suffered from a compressed disc in my lower back. St Marina Physical Therapy had me working on the problem right away. I was initially concerned over getting my back rested before beginning therapy. Very quickly I realized the exercises we were doing were helping me immensely. In a matter of a few days I was gaining mobility and reducing my pain. With the routine I learned I am sure that I will be able to avoid chronic pack pain for my life. It may sound cliché, but I would implore you to see the talented group at St Marina Physical Therapy. They know their stuff and are friendly and easy to work with.

~ M. F.

Thank you St Marina Physical Therapy!!! As you know, I seriously injured my lower back and I was unable to do some essential things in my life. I was unable to sit for a long period of time, couldn’t commute to work, and couldn’t exercise. At times, I could barely walk. Then I went to your office and I was surprised how quickly you got me back into my mode of life. Your staff was very patient, professional, and friendly. I was playing basketball again in less than a month! My only regret is not going to you sooner! Thanks again!!!

~ M.

I was pleasantly surprised at the swift healing therapy I received at St Marina Physical Therapy! After a very painful sacroiliac injury that was not improving with localized muscle injections from my doctor, I was referred to Wassiem Abdelmalek at St Marina’s. The attitude of the therapist is an important ingredient in helping someone and Wassiem was kind, gentle and understanding of my seriously limited movement and acute pain. I appreciated the thorough explanation of my injury and outline of the steps needed to stabilize and strengthen the injured area and reduce the pain. I did not expect complete pain alleviation, yet after only a short time I am pain free and moving better then ever! Additionally I was given the tools necessary to keep the sacroiliac area strong so I can prevent re-injury. I am very grateful for such expert care and the smile on my face!

~ K. K.

I had debilitating back pain when I came to Marina Physical Therapy looking for relief and the ability to manage my chronic back problems. The expert instruction I received in the McKenzie Method of back pain treatment has been a literal godsend. I learned how to strengthen, stretch and tone my back, as well as how to go about my life and work avoiding the pitfalls that have regularly put me out of commission and on the couch for days. I can’t thank them enough, I’m in control of the situation now and no longer afraid of being attacked by my back.

~D. R., San Clemente CA